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School having best Faculty in Greater Noida

School having best Faculty in Greater Noida

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Education is most worthwhile if it stays with the child during the course of his/her life as a guide by side. It sets course for a child’s life by steering it to the right direction continually beyond school as well; helping the child take informed decisions. This is possible if the education the child gains at school is deep rooted; is values based and well-thought-out to enable a child grow into an independent, responsible and confident citizen of our striving society, equally equipped to contribute to scientific discoveries and wider economic growth and social welfare.
Achieving the above goals needs an integrated approach of learning. So at KWS, we craft a developmental plan for nourishing the mind, body and soul together. While the minds are to be empowered to think critically, challenge the status quo, create new possibilities for human sustenance; there is also a need to build emotionally stable and healthy adults who can lead a happy and resilient life and sustain relationships. Spiritual enlightenment is equally of pronounced worth that can be achieved through an incessant process of learning to reflect, introspect, connect with inner soul and cultivate faith in the almighty.
We reckon that children in their formative years have potent learning capabilities and they participate in building their own brain cells; provided we create a pro-environment at home and school which is away from negative influences. Hence, the early childhood care programme is designed with a subtle approach with compassion and tenderness at its core. At KWSGN, we as a team of teachers, parents and students, are in collective pursuit of achieving the above said goals. This alignment of thoughts, ideas, and collaborative efforts towards accomplishment of common goals has helped us transpire as a powerful school community over the years. Our learning plans include a variety of experiences and engagements that every child practices at different stages of development.
The faith and belief of our parents and stakeholders propel us to stride forward towards achieving higher mileposts. We shall forever continue in our endeavors to create a positive and exultant school climate in the best interest and development of our student fraternity!


Mrs. Manisha Bano is committed to the development of a quality inclusive learning environment that is innovative and responsible to all students’ needs. She, as an accomplished senior coordinator of the school, maintains and strengthens the philosophy of school i.e. intellectual, social, academic and cultural development of students. She is actively involved in overseeing the preparation and implementation of work programs, study plans and other courses of study within the relevant subject areas. Moreover she has extraordinary skills in recognizing and catering for a diversity of learning styles. She demonstrates a thorough understanding of the syllabus requirement for all relevant subjects. She plays an important role in developing positive relationship with staff students and parents and actively works for conflict resolution. She has a profound knowledge of the nature of learning and current trends in education as well. Furthermore she is efficient in organizing regular meetings and circulating information along with making sure that student’s records are maintained properly. She provides leadership and support in the area of student teacher interaction and is focused on improving students’ outcome by promoting professional development of staff, quality teaching and collaboration.


Mrs. Pooja Singh comes with an experience of a coordinator to develop a creative learning community across the school. She has knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for creative teaching and learning as a key to raising achievement, aspiration and motivation. She acts as a facilitator cum coordinator in school, able to translate the school’s vision for creative learning into practical implementation. She ensures that children play a meaningful and active role in learning that can truly reflect their interests, needs and enthusiasms. She plays a key role in making schools programmes successful. She takes overall responsibility for programme and project management, delegating extensively across the school community and ensuring roles and responsibilities are understood clearly by all. She also coordinates, in partnership with the Creative Agent, meetings and activities with creative practitioners, school staff and other partners. She facilitates the inter-classroom observations, monitoring the School Project requirement, cohort meetings. She provides leadership in the ongoing development of the Collaborative Schools Model principles.


“A good teacher teaches from the heart”
Here, in our school Ms. Chauhan is the perfect example of teaching kids whole heartedly. She believes that every individual and every child is special, so, she provides an extra ordinary learning experience to our students.
Ms. Chauhan is highly experienced and makes sure that all the teachers under her guidance at honing children’s skill along with a range of extracurricular activities. She believes in letting students create things as she opines that the possibilities of what student can create across the curriculum are virtually limitless. Shev also emphasizes on the integration of songs and rhythm with learning something new as she reckons that through this approach students remember much longer.
Her philosophy is to allow students to be independent in their thought process by teaching how to think, and not what to think, and to create a stimulating environment that excites the learners and encourages curiosity.