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Hands on Learning

Hands on Learning

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We have distinctive ethos at KWS which are built on very positive relationships and the desire to help students develop a love for learning and become curious learners with high self-esteem. Helping the students develop into confident, sensitive and reflective adults is a key priority at KWS. We want our students not only to “Stand Ahead” but also to “Think Ahead”. This is achieved through excellent teaching and careful support for all students throughout their time in school.
The school believes in imparting education that’s life long. Our objective is to ensure that learning and conceptual understanding take place at deeper levels. Our learning philosophy flows in sync with our learning objectives; and thus the sustenance of the concept of ‘learning by doing’. Students are engaged in a variety of learning experiences through which they are able to absorb the topics and concepts in a much deeper way. Hands on learning takes place in all the subjects and all the classes.