School Uniform

School Uniform


Class Nursery-K.G.

Shirt Half sleeves plain Half sleeves plain
Shorts/Tunic Beige (With gallers) Beige (With gallers)
Socks Beige with maroon stripes Beige with maroon stripes
Shoes Black (Velcro) Black (Velcro)
Hair band / Rubber Band NA Black

Class I - XII
ShirtHalf sleeves plain whiteHalf sleeves plain white
Half Pants (I-V) Trouser / Skirt / (VI-XII) Beige (Half pant / Trousers)Beige (Skirt
SocksBeige with maroon stripesBeige with maroon stripes
ShoesBlack (with laces)Black (with laces)
BeltSchool belt with logoSchool belt with logo
Hair band / Rubber bandNABlack

Classes Nursery - K.G.
Tracksuit innerYellowYellow
Tracksuit JacketGreyGrey
Tracksuit LowerGreyGrey
SocksGrey with maroon stripesGrey with maroon stripes
ShoesBlack (Velcro)Black (Velcro)
Hair band / Rubber bandNABlack

Class I - XII
ShirtFull sleeves plain whiteFull sleeves plain white
Trousers BeigeBeige
PulloverMaroon (Sleeveless)Maroon (Sleeveless)
BlazerMaroon with school logoMaroon with school logo
SocksWoolen (Beige) with maroon stripesWoolen (Beige) with maroon stripes
TieMaroon with school logoMaroon with school logo
BeltSchool belt with logoSchool belt with logo
ShoesBlack (With laces)Black (With laces)
Hair band / Rubber bandNABlack

  • School uniform encourages the feeling of oneness amongst the students' responsibility for their attitude. Wearing the school uniform should be the matter of pride for the students.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from applying henna/mehandi, nail paint, hair colour or make up .
  • All boys (except Sikhs) must keep their hair shorts.
  • Girls must tie their hair neatly; no fancy hair clips or jewellery is permitted.