Digital Campus

Digital Classrooms

ICT in a classroom is the need of the hour. Kaushalya World School has equipped its smart classrooms with the student-friendly and learner-centric which makes learning and teaching easier, more fun, and more effective. We have a Simple and Innovative Digital Classroom solution, which helps Teachers in teaching easily, effectively and engage students using 2D and 3D visual Multimedia concepts and students will have fun while learning.

CCTV Surveillance

Our campus is well connected with a network of approx. 150 Close Circuit Television (CCTV ) which provides minute by minute images of activity going on in, every nook & corner of our school premises. The cameras are monitored from Central site office situated next to director’s office and only designated staff members to have authority to avail the footage.


The school has installed high end ERP which provides: Anytime and anywhere access to information like homework, assignment, and attendance. Seamless and transport communication of notices, circulars etc. with all stakeholders viz., parents, students and staff. Personal attention to children. We challenge our students and inspire them to expand their way of thinking. As our students begin to truly believe in themselves and their abilities, they develop the skills to succeed in school and life.


In today’s dynamic world it is physically not possible to have resources, books and works of all scholars in one place. KWS e-Library is devoted to application and implication of new technology and use of the internet. It provides a vehicle for the latest research and offers practical advice, useful information, and description of specific applications around the globe. KWS e-Library makes all scientific records, cultural resources, books, Journals, Maps, photographs etc. accessible to all and preserves it for future generation. All staff members and students can also avail the e-Library facilities of the National Digital Library launched by Government of India.

ICT Labs and 24x7 Wi-Fi facility

The institute has a 24x7 Wi-Fi facility on the campus, which students and faculty can avail. The 10 MBPS of high-speed internet facility offers internet access in all the major places within the school premises including the academic block, hostel & faculty houses. The connectivity through a fully networked campus with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, computing & communication resources, offers students the facilities of e-mail, site surfing, up/downloading of a web-based application, besides helping them in preparing projects & seminars.

Advanced Cloud Computing System for Transport

KWS has adopted advanced cloud computing system to make the transport facility more convenient for the parents to monitor. It is based on MTS CLMT server. Besides GPS tracking, it has other advanced systems too.