Pre-Primary School

Pre-Primary school comprises of Nursery and KG with optimal student teacher ratio. Curriculum in this section focusses on developing basic communicative and comprehensive skills through activity based teaching. Our focus is on establishing a very cheerful atmosphere, blended with a right mixture of creativity and curiosity while preserving their unbridled innocence. This approach enables the children to learn through a medium that is engaging, less stressful, and more recreational. Their thirst for knowledge is thus stimulated and children discover their rightful place in the world. They learn to socialize with their peer group and adults in a confident, yet respectful manner.

Primary School

Includes classes I-V. In this section learning is designed to inculcate curricular and co-curricular activities. Each vibrant child of this group is given regular mentoring and support of facilitators.

Secondary School

Consists of classes VI-XII. The curriculum here includes advanced courses in Languages Science, Social Sciences and IT. The academic year is divided into two Terms as per CBSE pattern including Periodic Assessments and Terminal Examinations in each group.
The streams offered in Class XI are Science and Commerce.