Chairperson Message

Education is not merely accumulation of facts; it is preparation for life itself!
The global goal of Education is to envision ‘Education for all’ –not merely in terms of acquisition of learning skills but most importantly the life skills. Children today have the potential to be successful in whatever they do and they will certainly bring a positive change in the ever changing world. The need of the hour is to provide an educational system which amalgamates the aspirations of the present generation, without distorting our value system.
Kaushalya World School is committed to preparing global citizens equipped with the life skills required to meet the challenges around them. We are committed to our noble mission of providing excellence in Value based Quality Education of global standards and retaining our diverse and cultural heritage too.
I strongly believe, schools are living organisations that influence lives. Thus, our institution ensures to build on ethos and environment, which are in perfect alignment with its core values, ethics and principles. At Kaushalya World School we understand the needs of our students and those of the society.
Everyone at Kaushalya support and collaborate in shaping tomorrow’s India. Let’s come together and forge ahead with a vision to academic and human excellence. It is my strong conviction that youth alone is empowered to pull the country out of morass and place it on the pedestal where strength, progress and peace prevail.
'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!'