The administrative team is divided into two sections the junior and the senior section. The team is headed by Head Boy and the Head Girl who are responsible for leading the core council team which comprise the Discipline Captain, Cultural Captain, Sports captain, Activity Captain, Vice Captains, House Captains and the Prefect team.

The Administrative Council is expected to fulfil the following duties:
  • Build positive and productive relationships with all the members of the core council.
  • Ensure the core council works well together.
  • Alongside all the above duties, the selected members of the core council team will be required to take on a key area of responsibility and lead a smaller team of prefects during the year.
  • To bring to the notice of school authorities all matters related to the academics.
  • Head Boy and Head Girl will preside over the periodic core council meeting.
  • To represent the students on official occasions.
  • To take part in all special committees formed by the council or send a representative of such committees.
  • To furnish the minutes of the meeting to the management and Principal for further discussion on the topic.