Academic Programme

Academic Programme

KWS envisions an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation that kindles the dormant talents of its students. Mapping the expectations of today’s educated and evolved parents was the challenge more so because the goal was not just to establish just another school. This not only meant diligence at stop but envisioning life a decade from today. The scholastic and co-scholastic activities at KWS are divided into three wings-

1. Pre-Primary

2. Primary

3. Secondary

Each section is coordinated by a Mentor and competent facilitators who look into the demands of different age groups. The Pre-Primary and Primary school are clubbed together into Junior School which are the formative years of learning and growth. Each child is nurtured emotionally and socially by the teacher so that more emphasis can be laid on their communicative skills, activity based Learning values, Physical Fitness and Hygiene.