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Cyber safe, Cyber smartSep 15, 2014


Workshop on Cyber Safe & Cyber Smart


Four teachers of our school attended a workshop organised by Forum Of Public School on the topic " Cyber Safe & Cyber Smart" at Remal Public School, Rohini.

The Workshop was to equip & train teachers, so that they can educate Children about how to  use internet safely & Clearly educating and empowering young people to the risks online is important in order that they can protect themselves and prevent further harm to children from sexual predators.The member of social media family(i.e Facebook,Twitter,Youtube & watsapp) & their implications had been  discussed about. Various incidents about Cyber Bullying & recently happend crime asociated with Social networking sites had been dicussed about & how cyber grooming & Bullying affects teenagers life severely.

The education expert Mr. Kapil also talked about various issues like the media habits of students.Nowadays 90% students are on facebook & they spent 1-2 hours average time on internet. Not only this they have 100-1000 online friends in their friend list & most wierd thing is that only 10% friends are known to their family.How students view social media & to what extent they are dependent on social media as their day starts with it & they always think about fresh status, more likes  etc..

There was also dicussion about concerns like sharing too much information,cyber bullying,online grooming & Digital Reputation. How pictures can be morphed & misused. Once you share picture its no longer your own property How it can be threatening for them.

The expert also talked about How Joint initiative should be taken by teachers as well as parents to protect their kids from cyber crime.Some measures which can be taken at school are: Discussion about How to protect our self from Cyber Crime Should be taken place at assembly time & students should be made aware about the recently happend cases related to Social networking sites. There should be a notice board in school in which information should be placed regarding Cyber Safety & Cyber Smart, there should be cyber smart team in the school,who could fill the gap by giving mental support to the children facing cyber bullying,make the students aware about cyber grooming & implications of digital footprint & deviating the mind of blooming students towards productive things.

Parents should be also aware about concerns related to social networking sites & how it should be smartly used. They should watch carefully about their children social networking sites using pattern, their behavioural changes, time & duration of using these sites. Before handing over smart phones or laptop to their children,they should install filtering software, which prevents their children from using unwanted sites.

Moreover this workshop was about how to efficiently & smartly use internet & social networking sites. All four teachers got participation certificate for attending this informative workshop.

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