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Education Ethics, Arts & Skills Apr 24, 2013
Imparting education does not merely constitute the conveyance of the information provided in the books. It calls for a much heavier social responsibility. Most of those related to the field of education are more or less aware of the fact but hold diverse views in regard to the same. Also, several lack a clear idea of what to implement and how to implement in the class in order to cater to the social responsibility that is being referred to. To resolve many such mental conflicts, a conference was organized by the Forum of Public Schools (FPS) at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The keynote speakers for the day were from varied backgrounds including media, technology and arts. The conference began with the formal welcome address and a speech by the Chief Guest for the day Mr. Dinesh Singh, Hon’bl Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi. Mr. Singh talked about the changes that he is about to bring in the university from the following session. He also mentioned the heated debate going on in the university against the same and very candidly elaborated upon how the step is justified and will be beneficiary for the students. 

In the afternoon session, the speaker was the veteran journalist and Padmabhushan recipient Mr. Prabhu Chawla. Mr. Chawla spoke on ‘ethics’ in the current education system. Mr. Chawla mentioned how the current school system is devoid of basic ethics required to sustain one’s life with harmony and solidarity. He also emphasized on the requirement of religious teaching that could help the students inculcate a morally sound behavior. His address was followed by a question answer session. 

The next speaker for the day was Mr. Amitabh Bagchi, an eminent novelist and professor, IIT Delhi. In his address about the value of arts in school education, he shared his views about the concept of wonder seizing to use the word ‘wonder’ as a verb and using it as a ‘noun’ in the classrooms could bring the change required to invoke the interest of the students towards the subject.  He also revealed how international music forms like jazz and blues helped him make a connection with those who have a history attached with the same. A sumptuous lunch followed the session.

The following session was addressed by the Ex Principal, Padmashree recipient and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Ms. Rajini Kumar. With the occasional couplets of Shakespeare, she shared her experiences in the field of education and the need for the development of life skills in a child. With some instances, she also flashed light on the ways in which schools could facilitate the learning or imbibing of like skills in the students. 

The other eminent guests for the occasion were Ms. Suraj Prakash Singh and Ms. Mukta Misra. The requirements of the green room were taken care of by the able teachers of Kaushalya World School. 

The conference turned out to be a success in terms of attendees and the produce.  

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