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Kaushalites Study World Map with their German FriendsJul 12, 2017

Kaushalites Study World Map with their German Friends


Class VII students of Kaushalya World School, Greater Noida got connected with their counterparts in Germany over a Mystery Hangout. The two schools brought their Geography books alive by playing a Location Guessing Game. The students took part in a mystery hangout where they had to guess the location of their global friends by asking a maximum of 10 questions that could only be answered by their partners in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. They carried their Atlas with them to find the location of the partner school on world map. Following the mystery game, the students in Germany shared different presentations about German Islands to the students of Kaushalya World School who in return shared a picture presentation on Monuments of India.


This was followed by a question answer sessions by both schools. Ms Bhawna Singh, the Social Science Teacher said that it is a very effective pedagogy to teach about World Map since these resourceful interactions are enjoyed by students while they are learning about locations of different countries. “We endeavour to offer students opportunities to connect and collaborate on a global platform. Along with learning about a particular curriculum area, students acquire communication skills and confidence”, said Ms Mukta MIsra, Director, Principal.

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