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K.W.S. congratulates all the winners of C.B.S.E. Cluster Table Tennis Tournament 2017 and also wishes them great luck for Nationals.

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The School Library provides an extensive range of abridged and original novels, reference books, newspapers, current affairs magazines, journals, educational CD’s and audio books.

As part of the focus on E – learning, students are encouraged to use the internet and to access search engines and other educational sites to seek extra and updated information, regarding their curriculum and other co scholastic activities.

Computer Lab

Students from grade I onwards have computer as a subject. The computer lab is well equipped with the latest and updated technology that keeps the students abreast with the changing technology.

Science Lab

To enhance the learning ability and skill in the field of science, the school provides its students extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom through the science lab. The lab is equipped with audiovisual teaching aids, learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments.


A child’s health is of utmost important at KWS. Keeping this in mind the school maintains a well equipped infirmary where a paediatrician and a nurse take care of health, hygiene and sanitation aspects of the campus. Periodic eye and dental checkups are organized and a record is maintained for the same. In case of a medical emergency, immediate help is provided by doctors at Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida with whom the school has a tie up.

Bauble Room

The Bauble Room provides opportunities to the Pre Primary children to further nurture their childhood. To let each child enjoy his personal space, attention is paid by conducting story / mime sessions, puppet shows and use of hand mittens to portray different characters. The bright vibrant colours of the room attract the children to participate in group activities.

Activity Room

The Activity Room enhances interactive skills, improves hand – eye coordination and promotes mental and physical growth. Children acquire vital problem solving skills through playtime activities like stacking of blocks, putting of beads in string, play doh, puzzles etc. which stimulate their imagination and help to teach many basic concepts essential for Pre Schoolers.

Meditation Room

Practicing meditation with children at a young age encourages them to use the power of their mind and find refuge from their busy world. At school, regular practice of meditation reduces test anxiety, builds positive peer relationships and enhances anger management skills.

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is managed by the experts from Educomp who guide teachers with the latest technology from the company. Teachers also prepare their lesson plans, practice sheets and other study material in this room.


Theatre and Dramatics play a very important role in infusing the students with an ability to create and to be creative. By way of stage exposure, we provide our students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts and imagination. We give opportunities to the students by providing a platform and incorporate their individual skills of acting and performing arts in stage shows and Inter school events.


The Open Amphitheatre is the nerve centre of Kaushalya World School, where there is a synapse of educational and co-curricular activities. School assembly, special ceremonies such as prize distributions, investiture ceremony, birthday celebrations and other such events are held here. Built in a semi-circular style, it can seat around 500 people and the stage can easily accommodate 100 children during a performance

Multi Purpose Halls

Built for a seating capacity of 250 with a provision of projector and screen, the Multipurpose Hall is used for considerable activity like knowledge sharing sessions / seminars, parent workshops, teacher enhancement programmes and lectures.

Dining Hall

We ensure that every meal served is healthy, hygienic and sumptuous. The mid day meal menu is planned by a dietician to ensure that a balanced and nutritious meal is provided. RO filtered drinking water doubly ensures good health. The dining hall staff is suitably trained to handle food in hygienic manner and take care of children slow in eating.

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