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K.W.S. congratulates all the winners of C.B.S.E. Cluster Table Tennis Tournament 2017 and also wishes them great luck for Nationals.

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We encourage students to participate in co-curricular clubs and activities. Doing so helps students develop friendship, work collaboratively, take on leadership roles, manage their time and engage in the larger world of which we are a part. Through exposure to new interest, students deepen their knowledge about themselves and their surroundings. We lay emphasis on skill-based education along with knowledge-based learning. A wide range of co-curricular activities are organized under each club to supplement the academic programme.


The English & French Club prepares the enthusiastic learners to work on their literary and creative skills in a casual setting outside regular class teaching.

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The Hindi & Sanskrit Club promotes Hindi culture among the students and strives to generate interest in our national language.

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Through the Maths Club, students acquire the essential tools needed for basic understanding through fun filled activities.

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The Science Club enables students to pursue scientific aspirations and provides an opportunity to improve analytical thinking skills.

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The Social Science & Heritage Club develops students’ scientific competence and cultivates broad human and cultural outlook. The motive is to create awareness and participation in heritage related activities among the students.

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The IT Club encourages students to develop their technical skills and acts as a platform for deserving students to showcase their talents in programming and computer applications.

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The influx of Performing & Visual Art Club provides the freedom of expression and helps the child to discover his inherent talent through engagement in activities of his interest.

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The Sports Club balances the holistic development of students and inculcates values like optimism, belief in oneself and the ability to face all the challenges thereby promoting teamwork and sporting spirit in all aspects of life.

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Eco Club

The Eco Club helps the students imbibe the feeling of oneness with their environment. It propagates eco friendly living and endeavours to stimulate the concern for degrading global environment and engage them in activities favourable for a pollution free and healthier environment.
In the current academic session, the members of the club have planned to distribute self made pamphlets promoting the conservation of electricity on Earth Day in April. They will also organize a Tree Plantation Ceremony in the month of November.

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The Natraja Club

With emphasis on polishing the skills of performing arts that also include dramatics, the club undertakes various cultural activities that add a distinct flavor to the academic calendar of the school. This year, the Natraja Club will organize group dance event in August on the theme of various folk dances of India.
Also, celebrating Shakespeare's 500th birth anniversary, the club members will perform his timeless play Julius Caesar in the month October.

The Zoom Club

With the digital revolution, the resources for photography and movie making are not just limited to the fortunate few. With proper training and the ability to look beyond what everyone can see, camera can turn out to be a great source of expression as well as employment. The club aims to showcase the perspective of the young through the minds while also scaffolding them to reach greater heights.
In the academic year 2016-17, the photography club will organize a photography exhibition in the month of July on the theme, 'My School Through My Lens'. There will also be the presentation of a movie on 'The Backstage Story of Annual Function' in the month of December.

Robotics Club

Application of what the child learns in an integral part of education. The Robotics Club, with the objective of making the students explore the usability of the concepts learnt in the books, gives them enough space to explore and create new possibilities for the civilization through technology.
The students in the robotics club will participate in 'Assimilate and Create' activity in the month of May, which will also be their first introduction to robotics. Further, the students of the club will make a moving device and demonstrate it in front of the rest of the school in the month of January.

The Olive Club

The world has become a melting pot of various distinct civilizations and races. The club aims to develop respect and appreciation for the dissimilar people in the heart of the students and help them find the common thread of humanity that binds us all together. To empathize with the less fortunate and open their hearts for everyone in need is the objective of the members of this club.
In order to fulfill its objective, the club will organize a poster making competition on 'Liberty and Fraternity' in the month of April. They will also take up a choir singing of Michael Jackson’s heart touching song 'Heal the World'.

The MUN Club

Expanded as Mock United Nations, the objective of the club is to familiarize the students with the significance as well as the roles and responsibilities of the United Nations. It also sensitizes them of the issues of the present and provides them with a broader perspective so that they could build a better looking future.
The MUN Club will organize an introductory session in the month of May for all the students of classes VI to XII. In the month of January, they will have an all inclusive discussion on how to 'How to Make the World a Better Place for the Specially Abled'.

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